K1 Browning mount



Mounts directly to BROWNING BAR - MARAL - XBOLT

The brand new Kite K1 is built using cutting-edge manufacturing processes and top quality components inside a single-piece aluminum body to give you a reflex sight that is astoundingly waterproof, sturdy and unbeatably hard-wearing. 

The Kite K1 is designed to be extremely unobtrusive yet easy to handle, even with gloves on. Its mounting system is adapted to all types of guns and bases, and it is also available with a special mount to provide a better attachment to Browning BAR and Maral rifles. 

The Kite K1 was developed to render the edge of the sight practically invisible, to make fast target acquisition easier and provide maximum field of view. Its 2 MOA red dot has 11-stage illumination control, is sharp and clearly visible, even in strong sunlight. It can also be fine-tuned, including for long-range shots that can be made without covering too much of the target and with both eyes open.

Fast, hard-wearing and built to last. Experience the crisp dot of the Kite K1 you can trust in any situation.



  • 11-position illumination
  • Aluminum housing, waterproof and robust
  • Lens with MHR Advanced+ Coating and Technology
  • 2 MOA Red dot
  • Parallax free


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ottimo connubio arma ottica piaciuta a tutti i miei amici, ha solo un grande difetto al Kite e Browing spero trovino rimedio non solo per i punti rossi e carabina piu' ottica, ma anche per coloro come me che hanno gia' acquistato, il difetto consiste in questo, il cappuccio di protezione quando lo si va ad inserire urta i comandi di accensione ed il punto rosso si accende anche in caso di non utilizzo, risultato e' che bisogna cambiare la pila ogni due battute, quindi e' necessario ridisegnare il coperchio protettivo

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"Red point K1 brw mount"

Battaglia Alessandro

Ho da pochissimo installato il k1 brw mount sulla mia Bar Mk3 Trakker e vi posso assicurare che la manovrabilità,il punto naturale di mira, e la precisione del tiro sono fantastici.Ero scettico sui red points ma con il K1 Kite devo veramente ricredermi,è un prodotto.veramente validissimo.Il mio consiglio dovreste provarlo anche voi. Un saluto da un cinghialaio.

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K1 Browning mounted
Размер красной точки 2 MOA
Положение батареи side tray
Тип аккумулятора CR2032
параллакс Parallax free
Таймер автоотключения (часы) yes (5h)
Уровни освещения (тип операции) 11 (+/- buttons)
шасси mono-bloc Aluminium
объектив MHR Advanced + / PERMADURA (anti scratch)
индикатор низкого заряда батареи no
защитное покрытие protective cap included
Регулировка высоты 140 MOA
Боковая регулировка 100 MOA
Водонепроницаемый Yes
Газ заполнен Yes
монтаж Browning Reflex mount
значение 1 клика 1 MOA
Вес 36g
Гарантия Lifetime*
* гарантия на электронику 10 year
Рекомендуемая цена в € € 580
Рекомендуемая цена в £ /
код K282363

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