The world’s leading combo in optical and ergonomical performance.  

The optical characteristics of the KITE LYNX HD + range are truly unique and a result of state of the art engineering. This instrument is conceived to offer a perfectly natural color rendition and wide angle views that no other binoculars will match. The excepetional wide angle view will allow you to make faster observations and determinations, and will elevate viewing comfort and quality of image perception to unseen levels.  

Due to the revolutionary optical system Kite optics has created, the LYNX HD + literally is made to be suited in all conditions and circumstances. This instrument goes beyond the limits of any other binocular and brings you great advantage when observing on both long and short distances. You will see faster on long distances with little points of reference, such as observation of birds in the sky or over sea. You will oversee an increased amount of details and therfor also on shorter distances and in denser areas such as forests, you will have better orientation capability, see faster, and catch the important details out of centre-image that would otherwise be missed.  

The LYNX HD + is truly amazing , because in spite of all its optical technology, it is one of the smallest and lightest binoculars ever made. The LYNX HD + 30mm class is that compact, it fits the pockets of your vest. The LYNX HD + 50mm class, that is built for top light performance, is no bigger or heavier than most 42mm binoculars on the market, and offers and equally large field of view. For the first time ever, you can enjoy the amazing high light gathering capabilities of large diameter binoculars, without the traditional downsides such as weight, size and a small field.

The LYNX HD + genuinely goes beyond limits, and even beyond traditions.  

  • World leading field of view
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra compact
  • Neutral color rendition
  • HD optical system
  • KITE PERMAVISION (water-dirt repelling)
  • KITE PERMARESIST (enhanced scratch resistance)
  • aluminum twist-up eyecups, self removable
  • KITE MHR Advance + coating
  • Fully waterproof and nitrogen filled
  • 30y warranty
  • including lens covers, straps and pouch


customer reviews

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"Pour le travail"


Pour le travail = Accompagnateur en Montagne, j'utilise ma petite paire de jumelles 8x25 pour le repérage et ma lunette pour que les clients observent.
Mais avec cet "oeil de lynx" qu'est la Kite Lynx HD+ 10x42 je (re)découvre le plaisir du jumelage d'espèces qu'elles soeint mammifères et surtout aviennes ! Du plus petit de mes m troglodyte mignon au plus grand = le vautour moine le plaisir et l'efficacité sont au rendez - vous !

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"tweede paar"


Was reeds in het bezit van de HD10x30 op jullie aanraden waarover zeer tevreden . Nu kunnen we beiden, mijn echtgenote en ik, genieten van al het mooie in HD en HD+ . Mooi , scherp , helder en ruim afgetekend beeld. Succes nog !

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8x30 10x30 8x42 10x42 10x50
Magnification 8 10 8 10 10
Objective lens diameter (mm) 30 30 42 42 50
Exit pupil (mm) 3.75 3 5.25 4.2 5
Min. close focus (m) 1.35 1.3 2 1.8 2.6
Field of view (m/1000m) 151 120 151 122 120
Field of view (degrees) 8.65 6.9 8.65 7 6.9
eye relief (mm) 15 15 17 17.5 17.8
interpupillary distance (mm) 73-55 73-55 73-55 73-55 73-55
Height (mm) 117 117 140 140 163
max width (mm) 115 115 128 128 133
min width folded (mm) 97 97 109 109 117
Weight (g) 495 499 690 700 815
Twilight factor 15.5 17.3 18.3 20.5 22.3
dioptric compensation (+/-) 3 3 3 3 3
waterproof yes yes yes yes yes
gas filled yes yes yes yes yes
functional temperature -25°C / 55°C -25°C / 55°C -25°C / 55°C -25°C / 55°C -25°C / 55°C
light transmisson (%) 89-90 89-90 89-90 88-89 89-90
warranty (years) 30 30 30 30 30
Recommended price € € 655 € 680 € 890 € 910 € 940
code K283551 K283568 K283575 K283582 K283599

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